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 Next weekend I am competing in the 4th annual Monroe's Feature TournamentMonroe's has won the Overall Gentlemen's Club of the Year Award 2016, the Feature Club of the Year 2015, and the Club of the Year South 2014. They are an upscale club in West Palm Beach, Florida. The other contestants are Lacey Rain, Simone Danalustrous, Natasha Nova, Liza Lust, and Annie Lane. The winner takes all, a $5000 cash prize, and The Christina Aguchi Award. 

It is an honor to be doing this competition. I will be going up against some of the top features in the strip club industry. Thank goodness I have incredible support around me! I enjoy these events. I love being an exotic dancer and professional showgirl. It's competitions like this that give me the opportunity to showcase my art and talents.

These competitions, and the strip club industry as a whole, hold a special place in my heart. I am grateful for my agents, for my showgirl sisters who show real support, and for clubs like Monroe's that do all they can to accommodate us and our experiences.

It's incredible. We all put our hearts into our shows. Each girl has a unique style and different talents to show the audience. I'm looking forward to seeing the shows, and enjoying Memorial Day weekend with my strip club family! Thank You, Monroe's. ❤️

Also big news for me: this will be the first time I'm sponsored to do a competition. Thank you to Palomino Club, Las Vegas, for your support.

Palomino has been my home club since November 2015. I love Palomino. I tried about ten different clubs in Vegas before I started working here regularly. I've been wanting to pour my heart out in a blog about why I love this club for awhile. The owner, Adam Gentile, made me feel comfortable since I walked in the door. It's the only full nude club in Vegas that serves alcohol. All the girls are super nice, and put on amazing stage shows. (Bethany and LaDonna are must-see's! And so many more, I can't type them all!). The dance/VIP prices are excellent, especially for full nude. It's a comfortable atmosphere for couples and women customers, too. It's one of the oldest strip clubs in Las Vegas, if not the oldest. You can find me here when I'm not on the road featuring or competing.

I'm still in Pennsylvania. This weekend I'll be at the Filly Corral in Pittsburgh. May 18-20. 💕 

 Thank You again Palomino. ❤️

Thank You again Palomino. ❤️